Adatao's Data Intelligence Platform democratizes data-driven decision making for anyone with access to data, especially Business Users, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers. It is built on industry-leading Big Compute and Big Data engines for fast in-memory computation and storage of large datasets.

Natural Interfaces
Business users ask questions on Big Data in plain English while Data Scientists and Engineers can use programming languages of their choice.

Business Users and Data Scientists together analyze Big Data for informed real-time decision-making.

Machine Learning
Built-in predictive capabilities apply machine learning to surface the real value of Big Data.

Adatao's Data Intelligence Platform includes Adatao Narratives, Adatao Dashboards, and Adatao BigR—a suite of business-ready applications that run on Adatao PredictiveEngine—a powerful predictive analytics engine, and are built using AppBuilder—a robust development toolset. The platform can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.


Adatao Narratives enables Business Users, Data Scientists and Data Engineers to collaboratively author data narratives using natural language as well as programming languages such as R, Python and SQL. Adatao Narratives makes it as natural and easy to work with data as it is to work with text and images in a Google-Docs-like environment, while leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities.

Narratives 1 Narratives 2
  • Ask natural language questions on large datasets to quickly and easily deliver real-time insights
  • Collaborate with colleagues with different skillsets to rapidly extract insights from a variety of data sources using predictive analytics
  • Share and publish insights in the form of interactive narratives using text, images and rich visualizations


Dashboards 2 Dashboards 1

“Adatao’s Data Intelligence Platform is allowing Huawei Technologies’ telecom customers to save time and money that would be otherwise lost to promotional campaign abuse. Some pre-paid users were taking advantage of the promotions meant for first-time buyers which negatively impacted their overall revenue. Existing solutions took days to detect fraud. Using powerful machine learning algorithms in the Adatao Data Intelligence Platform, Huawei Technologies was able to significantly shorten the cycle time and accuracy of fraud detection.”

—Yue Chen
Huawei Technologies

Adatao Dashboards enables Business Users, Data Scientists and Data Engineers to collaboratively generate key insights from Big Data and present on a single screen. Users can use natural language as well as programming languages such as R, Python and SQL, leverage advanced machine learning capabilities and collaborate in real time to rapidly generate and present interactive visual dashboards.

  • Consolidate visualizations from one or more Adatao Narratives to rapidly create interactive visual dashboards
  • Construct new interactive visualizations quickly and easily by asking natural language questions and using machine learning on large datasets
  • Customize and arrange visualizations in multiple tabs to visually present key insights along different dimensions


Adatao BigR provides a predictive analytics toolset for Data Scientists to collaboratively ingest, prepare, analyze and visualize large data sets from multiple data sources.

  • Ingest, clean and prepare data rapidly using a simple intuitive interface
  • Quickly build, score, and deploy complex predictive models using a variety of machine learning algorithms
  • Use popular programming languages, such as R, SQL, Python and Scala to analyze and visualize results
Adatao BigR

"Adatao has partnered with Databricks, the team that created and continues to drive Apache Spark, to provide fully managed Spark clusters, enabling an end-to-end integrated stack for end users."

—Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji
VP of Customer Engagement & Business Development, Databricks


Adatao AppBuilder

Adatao AppBuilder provides a robust development toolset and runtime for building, testing, and running Big Apps for Adatao Data Intelligence Platform. The development toolset includes an SDK, a visual development environment as well as pre-defined application templates, widget library and model repository to rapidly develop custom Big Apps for verticals such as Telecom, Financial Services and Retail.

  • Visual development environment with comprehensive Big Apps developer SDK
  • Big App Templates that can be customized for rapid application development
  • Library of graphs and charts that can be directly plugged into BigApps
  • Model repository with ready to customize predictive models


Adatao PredictiveEngine provides the real-time collaboration engine, multi-data source connectivity and rich set of predictive analytics APIs for building and deploying machine learning models that power Adatao's Data Intelligence Platform.

  • Ease of upload from multiple data sources and essential data preparation capabilities
  • Predictive analytics on big datasets with a wide range of machine learning algorithms
  • Real-time collaboration across Narratives, Dashboards, in-memory datasets, interactive visualizations and machine learning models
Adatao PredictiveEngine

“Altiscale’s mission is to help our customers find meaning in the data generated by the connected world. The combination of Adatao's highly-scalable analysis and their beautiful visualizations, charts, and dashboards, powered by Altiscale's high-performance, turn-key, cloud-based processing platform, helps bring this vision to life. We are proud to be Adatao’s partner in empowering businesses to understand and act upon the insights from their data.”

—Raymie Stata
CEO, Altiscale


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