[Press Release] Adatao Announces Availability of First Big-Data Application Platform for the iPhone Generation

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In use by Huawei Technologies and organizations around the globe, the Adatao Data Intelligence Platform represents a major step forward in achieving the beautiful ease of use and powerful Machine Learning.


  • Today Adatao brings its first products to market, announces the general availability of its new Data Intelligence Platform.
  • First-of-its-kind offering will deliver a new class of “Big Apps” that leverages in-memory computation and processing/storage of huge datasets for collaborative, real-time decision making.
  • Available today and in use by companies across the financial services, telecommunications and technology industries; the Adatao Data Intelligence Platform will feature patent-pending natural interfaces, a unique ability to collaborate around data analytics, and a major step forward in bringing the promise of machine learning to business users.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.-April 30th, 2015—Adatao, the data intelligence and machine learning company, today announced general availability of their Adatao Data Intelligence Platform. Comprised of a set of algorithm-powered applications with natural and collaborative interfaces, this first-of-its kind platform enables data scientists and line-of-business users to easily extract and share insights from all datasets, big and small for real-time decision making.

Available immediately, this new “stack” is grounded in an organization’s big and small datasets, on top of which sits a compute engine and a suite of new apps. This combination of Big Data, Big Compute and Big Apps allow for a collaborative experience that lets business users, data scientists and data engineers work together to solve important and complex business challenges in real-time. With beautiful consumer-like interfaces, these apps are powered by machine-learning algorithms that enable end users to understand and predict future behaviors and outcomes. These applications run on the Adatao PredictiveEngine and are built using the Adatao AppBuilder. Specifics of the Adatao Data Intelligence Platform are below.


Adatao Narratives: Query, analyze and collaborate on an interface plugged into existing enterprise data. Create data rich stories in this document-like interface in plain/natural language, R, SQL or Python.

Adatao Dashboards: Design and deploy visually-rich dashboards of insights from existing data sets in one interactive application.

Adatao BigR (Beta): Easily build and deploy complex predictive models directly on cluster-scale datasets with a predictive analytics library using R.

Development Tools

Adatao AppBuilder: A robust development toolset and runtime for building, testing and running Big Apps in Adatao Data Intelligence Platform. Adatao AppBuilder includes an SDK and visual development environment, pre-defined application templates, widget library and model repository to rapidly develop custom Big Apps.


Adatao PredictiveEngine: Real-time collaboration engine, multi-data source connectivity and rich set of predictive analytics APIs for building and deploying machine learning models that power Adatao’s Data Intelligence Platform.

For more information, go to: http://adatao.com/product

Supporting Quotes

“Now that we can affordably store and process Big Data at scale, algorithms can automatically learn from them to do useful, intelligent things. The real reason for Big Data is Machine Learning. Yet this power has been largely inaccessible. We are entering the next frontier, where machine learning will become pervasive in our everyday experiences. With the Adatao Data Intelligence Platform, we are combining intuitive natural interfaces, productive collaboration, and powerful machine learning, and making them accessible to everyone in the enterprise.”
—Christopher T Nguyen , CEO, Adatao

“Adatao’s Data Intelligence Platform is allowing Huawei Technologies’ telecom customers to save time and money that would be otherwise lost to promotional campaign abuse. Some pre-paid users were taking advantage of the promotions meant for first-time users which negatively impacted their overall revenue . Existing solutions took days to detect fraud. Using powerful machine learning algorithms in the Adatao Data Intelligence Platform, Huawei Technologies was able to significantly shorten the cycle time and accuracy of fraud detection.”
—Yue Chen, Huawei Technologies

“Databricks is excited to be collaborating with Adatao to implement Adatao Apps on Databricks Cloud. We see this partnership bringing tremendous value to companies looking to derive predictive insights from their data platform without the heavy-lifting. With this partnership, Adatao Data Intelligence Platform users will soon be able to leverage the benefits of Databricks Cloud, including fully managed Spark clusters in the cloud, enabling them to focus on data-driven insights rather than time-consuming data and infrastructure management.”
Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji, VP of Customer Engagement and Business Development, Databricks

“Altiscale’s mission is to help our customers find meaning in the data generated by a highly connected world. The combination of Adatao’s highly-scalable analysis and their beautiful visualizations powered by Altiscale’s high-performance cloud-based processing platform, helps bring this vision to life. We are proud to be Adatao’s partner in empowering businesses to understand and act upon the insights from their data.”
Raymie Stata, CEO, Altiscale


Learn more about how Adatao brings data scientists and business users together with CEO and Founder Christopher Nguyen’s blog post

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