The Interview: What are we seeking in a future Adataoist?

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First tip: you pronounce our name, Ah – DAY – tao

Interviews can be completely nerve-wracking. You wonder, “What are they going to ask? Will they like me? What should I expect? What are they looking for?”  The ultra-competitive landscape of Silicon Valley can make this process even more stressful, not to mention the unpredictable and downright strange questions that some tech companies are infamous for asking. Business Insider even searched through Glassdoor and featured some of the weirdest interview questions asked in Silicon Valley. From “Choose a city and estimate how many piano tuners operate a business there” to “How much should you charge to wash every window in Seattle?” the theme is clear: there isn’t one.

At Adatao, we try and keep the process as straightforward and efficient as possible.

While some seemingly odd questions can provide great insight into how a candidate thinks, we aren’t out to trick anyone. We’re simply looking for quality teammates who fit with the culture and work environment we’ve worked so hard to create.

Our first priority is to find candidates that believe in our purpose and want to contribute to the Adatao mission:  To help build and spread the power of big data intelligence to everyone.

With this purpose serving as the foundation of everything we do at Adatao, here are some traits we are looking for in Adatao employees, and tips on how to shine during our interview process.

You exhibit 3 core traits

We give a numerical score to every candidate based on three key traits: Intelligence, Energy and Integrity (IEI). Combined, these characteristics represent the type of people who can be successful at Adatao. At the end of the day we are looking for people who bring thoughtful contributions to the team, who we enjoy drinking coffee with each morning and who we trust completely. There are no exceptions to this rule; missing one key trait will negatively impact the entire team.

  • Intelligence isn’t just about education, it’s about the way your brain breaks down difficult concepts, evaluates problems and develops rational and tailored solutions. Put simply, we hire smart people.
  • High energy is hard to describe, so you’ll have to trust us here. It’s an inherent trait  that transfers to others effortlessly. If you are yourself in the interview, your true energy will shine through.
  • Integrity is critical, but often over looked in the business world. Be ready to answer questions on how you will handle certain situations and which road you will take when faced with difficult decisions.

You are an action-oriented person

At Adatao, we’re trying to change the way business users all over the world use big data, so we want your big, change-the-world ideas. But these ideas will not define you. Data is an important driving force in everything we do, so if ideas don’t align with new data, we make adjustments accordingly.

Our biggest priority is finding people who can get things done and have a tangible impact on the team. Show us this during the interview process: Explain what type of results you’ve achieved and what sorts of problems you’ve solved in the past. Also, think through some goals you hope to achieve at Adatao and how you plan to reach those goals.

You think top-down

What type of thinker are you? While engineers often lean toward a bottom up, or solution-first approach, Adatao employees are encouraged to think about high-level problems first before coming up with the appropriate solution as a next step. We try to evaluate problems from a range of perspectives: the user, the customer, the company and the community. We believe that the why and what should drive the how. Only top-down thinking coupled with deep technical expertise can allow for the outside of the box thinking that is required to build concepts and new technologies that change the game. An Adatao employee always starts with defining the problem statement first. This approach also helps in solving big problems together as a team.

You are an owner

No one else will do your job for you, so you have to own it. If you are great at self-motivating, taking ownership and delivering on those promises, we want to talk to you. In an interview we want to hear about what projects or products you’ve owned, your work style and what results you’ve delivered. How do you make important decisions? How do you identify goals for projects, communicate progress and identify the resources you need for a project? How do you solve problems creatively within resource constraints?

You reach for the sky

Tell us your goals if you join the team at Adatao. What do you hope to accomplish? How will you continue to learn and grow? What key opportunities are we missing? While being data driven plays a role in everything we do at Adatao, we still want you to shoot for the impossible and believe that optimism can go a long way in reaching a far off goal. If you are a person that continually pushes the limits, we reward those efforts with exceptional career growth and compensation.

If machine learning, deep learning, open source and a fast-paced environment are exciting to you, get in touch. Please send a resume and email to